Legacy System Modernization

Load.Me has the expertise to help you review, fix and improve the performance of your legacy systems, thereby assisting with the development of your business


With the rapid growth in technology and computer software, hardware is becoming outdated but continues to remain in use. The reason for this is that despite being able to meet the objectives for which the system was originally designed, it fails to offer any space for new development. Hence, even with the passage of time, it strives to carry out the originally intended task only and fails to connect with newer systems with its outdated functionality.

Most companies face issues relating to existing legacy systems and try to use obsolete technology by either replacing it or using them in conjunction with modern systems. In fact, a study by Business Technographics found that 75% of the IT budget of enterprises in Europe and North America are spent on operating and maintaining legacy systems. Being unable to find an ideal solution for legacy systems results in the business being stuck and failing to pinpoint an ideal solution.

Worry not!

Load.Me will solve the problem with legacy system modernization. We are neither afraid nor bored of dealing with legacy systems. With our expertise, we can help you review, fix, and also improve the performance of old abandoned systems. By involving us in the process of automation and improvement of your legacy software, you will reap the benefits of your business.


What we can offer?

Load.Me offers you experts who’ve already proven their mettle in legacy system improvements. We provide complete automation starting from infrastructure creation till the final deployment of the system, with improved release cycles, stability, redundancy, and recovery time. We will resolve the problem of ageing infrastructure while preparing the company for future integration needs.

Services That We Offer

analysis, refactoring and improvement of legacy code and infrastructure

automation, and services related to taking control of a legacy system

building of continuous integration/continuous delivery, and migration to a new provider

Load.Me team created a CRM system specifically crafted for our needs, while meeting the project deadlines. We are very pleased with the end product, now we solve daily tasks 2 times faster. We are currently improving our system every 2 months. Load.Me developers take all our wishes into account and offer their suggestions for optimal solving of our tasks.

CBO at Wnet

Sergiy Ganichev

CBO at Wnet

Load.Me developed a unique software for us to manage our telecommunication system and subscriber billing in one place. We started to actively use the software only after the first 3 weeks of development. Thank you for your professionalism, guys!

CEO at Domonet

Mateusz Mularczyk

CEO at Domonet

When we needed a landing page for the UnlimitedFiber startup, we sent our brief to the Load.Me. It was definitely the best decision! The site was designed from sketch and released in less than 2 weeks. We highly recommend this team. Nice job!

CMO at UnlimitedFiber

Kate Kozhemiakina

CMO at UnlimitedFiber


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